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As my school moves ahead full-throttle with BYOD this year, we are working to review websites and apps that work well for our students. We started in October with Educreations, ShowMe, and Book Creator. We wanted to start with tools that were versatile, easy-to-use, and could be used across grade levels and content areas. We used a Google Form to make the review and then I published to a website using a format similar to from Common Sense Media. Check out our first 3 reviews, complete with teacher quotes and a star-rating system!

Website and App Reviews – Creativity




4 thoughts on “Website & App Reviews – Creativity Tools

  1. Chris,
    Thanks for the great reviews. I love all these apps! Just to throw my 2cents in…We Love educreations at my school as well, but were frustrated that students were unable to save and then continue editing. We often had kids wanting to work on two different projects for two different teachers, at the same time, and this just isn’t feasible. We also found sharing them to be cumbersome. Our kids don’t have email (elementary), so it is hard to get links to others. It would also be nice to edit recording without having to re-redord the whole video. Also, not sure if this is helpful to your teachers, but from what I read in the comments it seemed some teachers may have been missing a way to share out books on book creator. I believe you are able to email or “open in” another app…although those apps may not be able to open the ePub document they can store it so others can access it from their own devices. Once it is accessed they can then open it in an app (such as iBooks) that supports that file type. Example, I believe I can post a book creator book to my Schoology (or google drive) account, and although that app can’t open the ePub document it will allow kids to grab it. Then the kids can open it using iBooks, so they have it on their own devices.

    Good luck with your BYOD!!

    • Thanks for the tip, Kristin. We have had the same issues with EduCreations as well. No Google Apps and no email make it tough to have individual student accounts. The sharing part ends up being a lot of work on the teacher then. Have you guys used Explain Everything? It is pretty similar to EduCreations but with more functionality and a little more complicated interface. Our 4th and 5th graders like it better than EduCreations, but the same sharing issues persist.

      Thanks for commenting and I will check out Book Creator again to see if we can figure it out!

      • Chris, we are currently trying a few rooms out with Explain Everything, but are waiting to see what they think before we commit to the money. I personally love EE and use it to flip my math class (4th gr). I love it because it shares right out to google drive. All of our students have GAFE, so it works great. They pull it right from a google folder I have shared with all of them. They can even mark it to view offline if they don’t have internet at home high is quite a few of my kids. Makes it hard when you don’t have google apps or email 😦 do you use a LMS? I swear by Schoology (free) and it’s helped a lot of my workflow issues… kids could save the EE movie to their camera roll and upload to Schoology easy enough!

        If you need emails, most places you can use the generic google email+1 trick…just don’t share out your password. I’ve never tried this, but have seen it in many sites.

        Good luck sorting it all out….there’s so much to learn! I’m learning that the whole sharing out piece is something I need to pay more attention to when looking for apps…tired of work being trapped on my kids iPads!!

      • Kristin,

        We do have an LMS, but the company we are using (Desire2Learn) mostly works with colleges and high schools, so the interface and functionality is not very kid-friendly. We are using the +1 trick with some sites, but I have found that it doesn’t work with some web tools. Some classes are using EdModo and a few are using Schoology as well. Google apps would be the perfect solution – I’m pushing hard with our distict folks, but I’m fighting against a very security-conscious mindset. Thanks again for sharing – good luck in your journey!

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