Bringing It Home


What will YOU do to promote connected education?

What will YOU do to promote connected education?


The Connected Education Echo Chamber

There is a lot of talk these days in education circles about the power of connecting through social media, yet a vast majority of educators have yet to experience the benefits of a Personal Learning Network (PLN) for themselves. They hear people talk about it, maybe a friend has even told them about it, but they haven’t taken the leap yet to see what this “connected education” thing is all about? Why? What are they waiting for?




That’s right, I said it – they’re waiting for you, connected educator. They’re waiting for you, planner of school- and district-level professional development. They’re waiting for the people who are connected to start focusing on spreading the message to others instead of just tweeting about how great Twitter is and hoping that other people will get the message by osmosis. It reminds me of a church, where the members spend their time in worship and talking about how amazing their church is, then sit back and wonder why more people don’t show up. One of the major purposes of using social media as an educator is to spread the word and get more educators connected. If you are not intentionally making efforts to do that, then you are only contributing to this echo chamber mentality.


This summer, I made an intentional effort to help show other educators the power of social media, and I am continuing it during this school year. Three of the ways that I have done this are by starting an educational chat for educators in my area (#Gwinchat), including social media as a part of our professional learning at my school, and by personally encouraging and engaging educators new to Twitter and social media.


Start (or participate in ) a Chat

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