Blogging: Transformational Learning


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Do your students blog? What about you? I hope you will enjoy this post about adult & student blogging – there is a student blogging rubric at the end that I hope you can modify and use for your students this year. Thanks for reading!


Blogs:Transforming Student & Adult Learning


5 thoughts on “Blogging: Transformational Learning

  1. Chris, This is fabulous. I’m a 4th grade teacher in Gwinnett, and this year, I’ve really gotten in to kidblogs with my kiddos. However, I haven’t really explored the whole “commenting” feature that is actually a big part of blogging. I’d love to get my kids into something like this. Any suggestions would be awesome. The blog you linked was a very interesting and helpful read.

  2. Thanks for your kind words. I think KidBlog is an excellent platform to get kids blogging. It has great controls for you to moderate posts and comments if you wish. Start small within your classroom, then consider inviting other teachers, special areas teachers, administrators, and parents to comment on student blogs. It’s a great motivation for them as young writers to have an authentic audience and to know that people are reading their writing! Thanks again for reading and leaving a comment!

  3. That sounds fabulous. I’d never thought about getting administrators in on it, but I think that would go over really well. I can even think of a few parents who would get on board. My only question would be how would they get access to it since kidblog is password protected? I know there’s a parent code – but how could I get access for others besides family members/parents to read it?

    • There is a setting on KidBlog to make the blogs visible to anyone and/or to let anyone comment. Only your students would be able to post, but parents, other teachers, and administrators could read blogs and make comments (approved by you before anyone else can see them). If you go to to sign up, there are some good tutorial videos on YouTube to walk you through some of the settings.

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